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National and International Speaker

About Ashok Waghmare

*International Mind Education Specialist (South Korea)
*Certified NLP Practitioner (Accredited by ANLP India & European Council of NLP)
1) Has been giving Motivational lectures for 350 senior colleges
2) Has been giving Training to Officers of-
A) Irrigation Dept. Govt.Of Maharashtra ;
B) State Transport Dept. Govt.Of Maharashtra ;
C) Central Road Transport Dept. Govt.Of India ;
3) Lectures for Senior citizens
4) Lectures for students,Teachers and parents
5) Lecture at International Mind Education Institute(South Korea)
6) Lectures for businessmen at Dubai (U .A .E.)
7) Lecture for World education leaders at Bangkok (Thailand)


1. Personality Development
2. Stress Management
3. Success Unlimited (For Everyone)
4. Mind Processing
5. Human Resources
6. Communication Skill
7. Parenting
8. Success Unlimited(For Students)
9. Know Yourself
10. Positive Attitude
11.Goal Setting
12.Attract MONEY
13.Heal Your Body
14 Time Management
15. Law Of Attraction
16. Meditation (For Relaxation Health, Wealth)
17. Motivation
18.Joyful living
19.Office management
20.Personal Counselling
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